We are an electronic medical record software development company.  We provide EMR software with EMR source code available for organizations that desire full control of their electronic medical records. A complete ambulatory EMR, Palmed provides everything from e-prescribing to the patient portal, with full interoperability that allows organizations to easily link our software and its data with all compliant applications. From every point of service, Pal/Med facilitates the seamless flow of health information, throughout an organization.

Pal/Med was designed and written by practicing physicians as a comprehensive EMR that was easy to use and would improve the physician's ability to fully document a patient encounter, thus allowing the physician to charge for a higher level of service.  Adopting a KIS philosophy (Keep It Simple) and a “process driven� approach to charting, Pal/Med will feel like a familiar tool in the hands of the medical staff.  Pal/Med screens are not cluttered with buttons and information unnecessary to the task at hand.  Physicians find the Pal/Med  “systems based� workflow to be more conducive to the way they practice medicine.  With such a simple, elegant and intuitive program, training of the staff can be accomplished in hours not days, eliminating expensive down time of the medical office.

Featuring "Real-Time Charting", Pal/Med allows physicians and their staffs to fully chart a patient encounter as it happens. Charting in "real-time" through check in, triage, physical exam and checkout, Pal/Med can eliminate the need for additional data entry or dictation by the physician or their staff past the moment of the patient encounter. Simply put – there is no EMR on the market today that is easier to use or that, due to better documentation, will allow billing for a higher rate of service than Pal/Med.

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