follow list / patient recall
Follow list is designed to provide the doctor with a method for recalling patients for routine follow-up care as well as providing specific follow-up protocols for patients with special needs.
our emr

the interactive S.O.A.P. sheet
A Pal/Med exclusive, the interactive S.O.A.P. sheet allows the physician to quickly view pertinent information and record the patient encounter in real-time.
Allows the physician to electronically send an accurate, error-free and understandable prescription directly to a pharmacy from the point-of-care.
lab reports/x-rays
With full interoperability, lab reports and x-ray images are downloaded directly into the patient's emr.
patient chart
Combines all patient information into a comprehensive, easy-to-manage record.
Written in Java - Pal/Med can talk to any system. Our software interfaces seamlessly and exchanges information with hospital, laboratory and pharmacy systems.
nursing notes
The nursing note utility is designed to maintain a complete record of the interactions between the nursing staff and the patient.
patient portal
Provides the patient with a secure way to communicate with the physician's office, update personal information and view their medical record.
hospital portal
Provides the hospital with a secure way to communicate with the physician's office and retrieve critical medical information for emergency purposes.
The Pal/Med EMR is organized in a way familiar to physicians and the medical office staff.  Once the patient's electronic chart is opened all information on the patient is immediately available. The screen interface is designed with the medical office staff in mind, allowing the physician to continue to practice medicine their way.

Developed in a practicing physician's office, Pal/Med is a true clinical product, designed to help the busy clinician in the daily care of patients.  
the original emr, since 1983
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