Pal/Med was re-engineered in 2010-2011 to take advantage of the dramatic changes in computer technology. After a great deal of thought and consideration, Java was selected in order to provide Pal/Med with the greatest degree of flexibility, and operating system and hardware compatibility. We believe that it is critically important that information related to individual patient care be available in a timely manner to those providing health care services. In addition information on the manner in which health care services are utilized by patients and provided by providers is critically important to health care planners. To these ends Pal/Med was designed to provide a seamless interface with the: hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, healthcare exchange, as well as any other user of healthcare information.

Source Code:

Since we recognize that we can not provide a version of Pal/Med to meet every need or contingency, we have made the decision to make available the Pal/Med source code. This can enable larger enterprises, with highly capable IT departments to customize Pal/Med to meet their unique needs and objectives. Pal/Med code is elegant in its design and has been written by a software engineer who was once described by a JPL Project Director at the "finest programmer in the country". Starting with the Pal/Med source code provides an enterprise a giant leap forward in meeting its objectives, along with absolute control over its direction and progress.

Software concept, design, and programming consultation services are also available. The Pal/Med Development staff have been involved in EMR software design and implementation since the early 1980's. (See About Us)

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