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Follow List
a "must" for reducing malpractice risk
Pal/Med provides a recall system that is designed to enhance the quality of patient care.  While patients may be recalled on specified dates for a variety of reasons, Pal/Med also offers a protocol driven recall utility that far surpasses any competitive product.

This feature is not a run-of-the-mill patient recall function, but rather an elegant, highly sophisticated utility designed to assist the physician in providing quality patient care by recalling patients for and following the trends of laboratory test values and the results of diagnostic procedures.

Follow List is designed to provide the doctor with a method for recalling patients for routine follow-up care as well as providing specific follow-up protocols for patients with special needs.

For example, the physician may set up a "High Risk Coronary Artery Disease" protocol.  This protocol would recall patients assigned for the selected studies based upon either elapsed time or attained patient age.

In addition, this utility may be used to follow:  the results of an OB patient's visits and procedures through the course of pregnancy, laboratory values for a patient on a cancer chemotherapy protocol, or a pediatric patient's growth, development and immunization record.

Pal/Med can generate an email or telephone list, a letter or address labels to facilitate patient recall, based on the patient's preference of contact.  In addition, at each patient's visit, the current recall status of the patient is printed on the SOAP Sheet so that appropriate studies may be accomplished during the visit.

Pal/Med has the most comprehensive and clinically oriented patient recall and follow-up utility available-- a "must" for reducing malpractice risk!
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